Watercolor Journaling – Day 5

When someone asks what is there to do, light the candle in their hand.

Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi was a thirteenth century Sufi mystic who left behind an extraordinary body of luminous poetry filled with profound spiritual insight.

My favorite translator of Rumi’s poetry is Andrew Harvey, a brilliant past professor. He authored, “The Way of Passion: A celebration of Rumi.” This book is rich and deep in thought-filled passages and love, Rumi’s declared religion – Love.

From the internet, I’ve taken this copy of, possibly, one of Rumi’s most best known poems.

I do not know the translator.

Watercolor Journaling – Day 4

Abby of the Arts Journal

Cover: Hardback embellished Journal

This journal includes entries that, on each page, contain a few meaningful moments I’ve found myself passing through in the later years of my life. They are significant to me and somewhat personal. I invite you “In” or offer clear understanding if you move on. Abby of the Arts, named on the cover, is an online program focusing on spiritual growth. Its teachings are largely grounded in Celtic expression. They are based in Ireland and headed up my Christine Valters. The image on the front was done by the late Susan Shedden Boulet, who painted, so very beautifully, Native American power animals… with their people. This is an image I pasted from one of her many calendars. Tomorrow I’ll open the cover and display a few of the beginning pages of the Inner Work expressed through calligraphy, which means beautiful handwriting, and collage.

Thanks for stopping by, be safe and stay kind. Su