Spring Collection of my Original Greeting Cards.

It’s good to be back in the studio vs. hovering over my computer trying to get my brain to understand where my blog posts are going, etc. My latest work is all about spring and the flowers that are done with their winter’s work and pushing up through the warming earth. Ha, Ha. It’s April 4th and it’s snowing…just a bit. The sweet peas will love the cold as will other early blooming ones.

The images below can all be found on my online store at suskjersaa.com. Then click on “Store” on the menu bar. Thank you for visiting my site.

Seek beauty hug.

Valentine’s for The Giving Plate #5

Price: $10.00. All proceeds goto The Giving Plate. Central Oregon. This is a one-of-a-kind, original Valentine Card. You can make your purchase on my store. Go to, suskjersaa.com – then click on STORE

Referring to the three programs mentioned previously “The Giving Plate,” I quote :

“Between our three hunger-relief programs, children 18 and under make up 66% of individuals served.” The Giving Plate serves anybody in need residing in the Central Oregon counties of Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook. In October 2020 a first pilot- program For Kid’s Korner in Christmas Valley was started.

Everyday we are fed, through various avenues, stories of hard and devastating situations all over the world. It’s easy to develop a sense of hopelessness in our hearts and minds. If we would understand that, “Yes,” this is true. But, there is more, more evidence that speaks to the fact that along side and blending with the hardships, open-hearted people are performing generous acts (Action) of love, caring, and compassionate initiatives. If we are waiting for the big thing that will return life to the way it was, that is likely not going to happen.

It’s the little things that can turn life around. This includes being careful with our outer language, gossip and prophecies; correcting our inner ways of thinking and believing; and taking a step to look for the elements of unspoken Love powerfully presiding with great strength in millions of people. Here we elicit a positive effect and can create a visible and viable balance in our lives.

Thanks and Love Lots. It’s the Month of Love.

“Love is a Force in you that enables you to do different things.”

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Gifts from the Sea

Valentine Cards for ‘The Giving Plate – – Community Food Relief Outreach.- #4

Su Skjersaa

The goal of my project is to post a Valentine card each day between now and February 14th. Te cards are for sale and the proceeds will go to “The Giving Plate,” a Central Oregon community food relief outreach that serves children. The cards are priced a little high so that the money from each sale will make our gift to “The Giving Plate” more abundant. To learn more about The Giving Plate, go to their website: http://www.thegivingplate.org

When a card is purchased the buyer will receive, by mail, the original card, making that art piece, no longer available.

“The Giving Plate is the only food bank in Oregon that has a youth-focused food pantry (Kid’s Korner) . Children come and “shop” for their own food and leave with an average of nine to ten pounds per visit. Kids Korner is open to children 0-18 everyday TGP is open.”

This is my entry for February 6, 2022. “A Bouquet of Hearts” (Watercolor on a 4X5 cart stock. Price $15.) Go to my site, suskjersaa.com and click on the top menu bar then click on STORE. It will be posted there for your purchase. Thank you for your generosity.

A Bouquet of Hearts

Valentines For the Giving Plate

Each day between now and February 14th I will post and original Valentine card. The purchase price, minus $1.00 to cover postage, will be donated to “The Giving Plate” located in Central Oregon.

Today’s card was created with hand designed paper, torn and collaged to a 4.5×5.5 inch note card stock. This card is one-of-a-kind and the purchaser will receive the original.

The cost is $15.00. Fourteen dollars will be donated to “The Giving Plate,” a community food relief outreach program for children and families.

To purchase this card go to my store at suskjersaa.com. Go to the menu bar and click on STORE where you can make your payment. Thank you for your offering.




A quote from “The Giving Plate,” “We polled our guest and asked them to provide one word they felt defined The Giving Plate, we were pleasantly surprised that no one said food. A few of the words shared included: hope, love dignity, grace, respect and community. Knowing our guest understand that we deeply care about them and that they don’t just see TGP as a place to get food, but also a place to get hope, inspires us to continue our mission of compassionately fighting hunger while feeding hope.”

The Best Weather Ever

Usually I take my dog for a walk.  That means I lead.  Today I let her take me.  I followed her up through a valley of snow laden trees and along the edge of a small stream hidden under its banks.  Most the time Isabella, my dog,  was out of sight and I tracked her by her prints in the snow.  Interestingly there were a second set of paw prints fresh amongst hers.  This is not unusual, except that there was not another owner in sight.  Hum!  Could it have been a coyote?

Path by Stream
Path by Stream

Imagine the creek sounds. The video is not loading.
The End of the Trail

Eyes in the Aspen Grove

In the 1960’s after graduating from nursing school, I moved to Aspen Colorado. Those years were times of wonder and absolute bliss for me. In the winter I taught skiing and summers I worked nights

These trees are all eyes.
These trees are all eyes.

at Aspen Valley Hospital.

The hospital was located on an adjacent ridge from Ajax Mountain, the main ski area that sat exactly against the, then, little town of Aspen. Every morning as the sun came up I would venture out to the lobby of the hospital, open the curtains, and gaze in wonder at the life outside. I swore that everyday as spring time moved in the grasses on the ski runs became greener, and of course the multitude of aspen trees followed suit.

Often as the morning sun began to warm the day and my shift at the hospital done I would borrow my roommate’s bike, get my dog and ride out to Maroon Lake and the Maroon Bells. There were virtually no cars on the road and the lake sat quietly holding the reflection of the Bells towering above. To this day I can smell the fragrance, hear the tinkling leaves in the breeze, and recall the sensations of walking amongst the aspens. This is a magic memory I’ve carried all these years.

Aspen Eye found looking at me in the grove where I now live.
(Photo) Aspen Eye found looking at me in the grove where I now live.

Watercolor, Pencil, and Pastel
Watercolor, Pencil, and Pastel

A Valentine’s Day Greeting

For the LOVE of ART and the GIFT of CREATIVITY I’m sending a fun piece in gratitude for my family and friends all across the lands.

This piece is a “pulled” watercolor Print with Aspen Tree Bark and a heart- shaped piece of Pine Bark – found objects in the forest surrounding  my studio.


Heart of Nature

$250.00 in Gold Frame