Snow Park Message

While I learn to navigate a new blog theme I wanted to tell you: There was snow at the snow park last evening, but today the rain washed it all away and look what I found.

Found Message
Found Message


Drive to Sisters

On the 18th of September I drove from Bend to Sisters.  I was awed by the mountains.  I see them almost everyday, but there was something magic about them on that day.  There had been an early snowfall that dusted the land above about 4500 feet.  I don’t know what it was, maybe  the combination of the light, the snow, a few puffy clouds that made it seem like something magic was in the air.

Yesterday I spent most all day in my studio.  In the afternoon I was inspired to play with the North and Middle Sister.  There are a hundred things I would change in this painting, but not till next time



Meditation and Art

In my original post I spoke of Transient Hypo Frontality, which refers to  the brain’s activity during Creativity.  An old myth has us believing we are left or right brained.  No!  Brain wave action does not shift, predominantly, between the right and the left hemispheres.  We need our whole brains at all times…even when being creative.

 During creativity the frontal lobe (the executive, learning, attentive front part of the brain) “down shifts” and allows other parts of the brain to meander at a slower pace about the lower regions of the brain moving us to that timeless, creative, world that produces a sensation much like daydreaming.  This is the state some pursue while meditating.

In doing this painting, one petal at a time, I shifted quietly between attentive and dreamy states of being.   One significant moment I will not forget, it seemed I entered the nature of the flower and realized the full depth of creation itself.  Art is the teacher.