Strawberries and Blossoms with Embellishments


Strawberries and Blooms stand out in a crown,

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This piece stands out in a crowd.  The bloom might be a rose, a peony, an umbrella, or a piece of life that doesn’t need a name. In this case it originated from a wall-piece that hung in the office of a marriage counselor from the movie, “The Story of Love,” with Adam Driver – (great actor).  Camera in hand, I watched the movie again, and click, I had a smudged, wavy image of the “wall-art” I was after.

When I’d completed my painting and compared it to the image I had kept in my phone, not to worry -no plagiarism or stolen goods here, and never intended.  Just a fleck of an idea that morphed into Strawberries and Blooms.  That’s often the way art creates itself.


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