Valentine Cards for ‘The Giving Plate – – Community Food Relief Outreach.- #4

Su Skjersaa

The goal of my project is to post a Valentine card each day between now and February 14th. Te cards are for sale and the proceeds will go to “The Giving Plate,” a Central Oregon community food relief outreach that serves children. The cards are priced a little high so that the money from each sale will make our gift to “The Giving Plate” more abundant. To learn more about The Giving Plate, go to their website:

When a card is purchased the buyer will receive, by mail, the original card, making that art piece, no longer available.

“The Giving Plate is the only food bank in Oregon that has a youth-focused food pantry (Kid’s Korner) . Children come and “shop” for their own food and leave with an average of nine to ten pounds per visit. Kids Korner is open to children 0-18 everyday TGP is open.”

This is my entry for February 6, 2022. “A Bouquet of Hearts” (Watercolor on a 4X5 cart stock. Price $15.) Go to my site, and click on the top menu bar then click on STORE. It will be posted there for your purchase. Thank you for your generosity.

A Bouquet of Hearts

Original Art Cards for “The Giving Plate #3

Each day between now and February 14th I will post and original Valentine card. The purchase price, minus $1.00 to cover postage, will be donated to “The Giving Plate” located in Central Oregon.

Today’s card was created with hand designed paper, torn and collaged to a 4.5×5.5 inch note card stock. This card is one-of-a-kind and the purchaser will receive the original.

The cost is $15.00. Fourteen dollars will be donated to “The Giving Plate,” a community food relief outreach program for children and families.

To purchase this card go to my store at Go to the menu bar and click on STORE where you can make your payment. Thank you for your offering.


Valentines For the Giving Plate

Each day between now and February 14th I will post and original Valentine card. The purchase price, minus $1.00 to cover postage, will be donated to “The Giving Plate” located in Central Oregon.

Today’s card was created with hand designed paper, torn and collaged to a 4.5×5.5 inch note card stock. This card is one-of-a-kind and the purchaser will receive the original.

The cost is $15.00. Fourteen dollars will be donated to “The Giving Plate,” a community food relief outreach program for children and families.

To purchase this card go to my store at Go to the menu bar and click on STORE where you can make your payment. Thank you for your offering.



A quote from “The Giving Plate,” “We polled our guest and asked them to provide one word they felt defined The Giving Plate, we were pleasantly surprised that no one said food. A few of the words shared included: hope, love dignity, grace, respect and community. Knowing our guest understand that we deeply care about them and that they don’t just see TGP as a place to get food, but also a place to get hope, inspires us to continue our mission of compassionately fighting hunger while feeding hope.”

February, the month of Love and giving has arrived, and I have a plan. Each day between now and and February 14th I will post an original Valentine card. The total purchase price – minus $1.00 for postage – will be donated to “The Giving Plate.”

These hearts are a pair, obviously in Love.

This card sells for $10., $9. of which will be donated to “The Giving Plate,” Community Food Relief Outreach.

To purchase, go to the STORE on the menu bar at su

Food is the service we provide at The Giving Plate , but food does not define the heart behind the heart being who we are or why we do what we do. We desire to remove the clinical stigma often associated with food banks by providing relief to anyone in need with a compassionate heart and genuine hospitality.

Day 2 after Christmas…I Wish Everyone Good Health, Contentment, and Peace Within.

Years past, this amazing family gathered for food, fun, and photographs. This year they came by twos, visited from the back porch, and there were no photos. From left to right; Jade and Ellie blessed me with a long visit. I love these beautiful, smart, and funny girls. Jade (15, with learner’s permit) is working for a jeweler making earrings, and Ellie (17) is working at Star Bucks and researching universities. She has quite a few academic scholarship offers. Both Ellie and Jade are brilliant.

Hans and Flora stopped by for a short time. It’s always a delight to see and hear from them. Hans has a You Tube program called “Hanzdid it.” Recently Hans and Flora purchased a HUGE van that was, in days past, used to transport veterans to and from medical appointments. The van included a wheel chair lift and a gurney. They were filming as they removed those items. Watching them remove the gurney was a perfect SNL skit. Maybe nurses have strange senses of humor, and I found that segment very funny. I watch it when I get down or need a laugh. That van is, as we speak, being transformed into a camping van, and it will be a show piece. Hans is very creative, and Flora, do you remember the beautiful spread she prepared for Christmas dinner last year? She brought the finest cuisine with her from China when she and Hans were married.

Christmas 2019 at Hans and Floras. All Chinese cuisine … so delicious.

Renee and Terry came bye after skiing. Renee is still teaching middle school math…on line, and Terry is selling houses like crazy. He even worked Christmas eve. (The girls were with their mom this year, so it wasn’t so bad.) Christmas definitely changes after the kids are out of the house, but maybe we’ll be together next year. Terry and Renee gifted me with a warm scarf and an amazing knife set. I have been using prehistoric knives that had given up on the idea of “cutting” some years ago. It was a good day, and I’m so grateful to have been blessed with such an awesomely wonderful family.

Watercolor Journaling – Day 18

A watercolor journal is a place to practice techniques, write personal notes, create perfect paintings, or feel free to do whatever comes to mind and heart. This entry was a practice piece that my inner critic has decided needs a second chance. Be well, be safe, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Art isn’t always perfect – or even close.

Watercolor Journaling – Day 16

Time to switch to another journal. This one is handmade and larger than the previous one. The stitch that’s binding the pages together is called a “coptic stitch.” It’s complicated, for me, but it allows the pages to open out flat so that a painting stretch across both pages for a single image. I secured the waxed twine with clear packing tape, presenting quite a challenge to paint over the slick surface of the tape…or not.

After moving to town and away from the mountain trails I walked for 18 years, Isabella, my white chow, and I resorted to lower ground. This is a likeness of a place we often visited where the mountains were visible and the weeds prolific. There was a trail that paralleled the one we usually took, and often a little coyote would walk along beside us on its own path. It was no threat to us. In fact it felt like a little friend and seemed as if it was saying, “Hello, good to see you again.” The journal is made of 140 lb. watercolor paper painted with watercolor and pastels.

Watercolor Journaling – Day 8

My “go – to” book of the year. It’s deep and brilliantly written.

These next posts are a series inspired by Richard Powers, “The Overstory.” Still sad about having to leave the mountains, Power’s brilliant novel using trees as some of the main characters touched me and shown light on the fact that change is the “forever” that is forever.

Fall, Fire, and Fierce Beauty


                                                                       “Roads End”


I was four years old when my folks purchased a lot on the North end of Devil’s Lake located literally on the other side the hill from the painting in this post.  We owned this  property for 60 years plus.  Over the years I’ve stored a zillion stories from my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood all imprinted at “the lake,” as we called it.  For a short time in the mid 90’s I lived in the house my father had built on that property.  It was a wonderful experience.  While there, almost every evening at sunset I took long walks with my beautiful Chow dog on the beach at Road’s End. After the last sliver dome of the sun sunk over the edge of the ocean’s horizon I’d then race back to the lake to catch the moon rise over the hills across from our house as it spread its light across the lake waters. The reflection, what can I say,  was beyond awesome.

I hadn’t grasped the impact that Place had instilled in my memory –  until the day Lincoln City burned, September 2020. Throughout the Covid scares and restrictions, I maintained a moderately peaceful temperament, but hearing there were fires blazing on the soupy, drippy, moldy, never dry Oregon coast, it was unbelievable!  TV news showed they had torched the land from Otis to the North end of the lake.  Evacuations, really? I was stunned.  It felt like memories were burning inside of me leaving a strange dark and empty space.  I really had no right or reason to claim  this loss, but there it was hooked to some chromosome awakening me to something I had labeled “the past.”  Now, here it is, the past all over again reciting its Fierce and Beautiful poetry.  The painting is an attempt to honor the smoke and clouds of Roads End. I’m happy to remember that I loved so much.







Lazy Summer

Playing in the Strawberries
Playing Around

My header, “Lazy Summer,” doesn’t actually describe my recent days here on the East side of the Cascades. I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy since late 2019 resting and revitalizing my life following the removal of a tumor from my spine, then followed by radiation treatment- which I found exhausting.  Now the focus is on another recovery.  About two months ago I had a procedure to shunt fluid from one of the ventricles in my brain into my peritoneal cavity.  The latter has been the most challenging.  George Burns said something to the effect that growing older isn’t for sissies (actually I think he claimed, ” it ain’t for sissies. All that aside, I’m doing pretty well and have my sights set on showing, through my art, friendships, and community connections/Zooming, that I’m very happy to be here on Earth – in these fierce and beautiful times of change and unknowing.

I wish you all good health, prevailing patience, and deep understanding around today’s challenges.


A Raven for Thea

I painted this little piece for my good friend who flew, without haste, to sit with me while I passed through a dark episode of the biggest “ouch” I’ve ever known.  It’s so hard to ask for help, but sometimes you’ve got to get over yourself and pick up the phone.


Unfolded Greeting Card

Greeting cards are fun to make, and sometimes they take the same amount of time as a full painting.  It’s always fun and very special when I, personally, open a hand painted card from a friend. This went to my Spiritual Director who has offered invaluable companionship and help as I deal with my acceptance of being older.

Speaking of spiritual direction, I am also a trained spiritual director, which is more aptly called “Spiritual Companioning.”  A few weeks ago I had my little, 77 square foot, tool shed converted into a space I call my “Hermitage.”  It sits on the edge of the most beautiful part of my garden, an area which cannot be seen from the house.  It has a lovely feel, and I am hoping to “Companion” a few folks in that space.

North Yard by Hermitage

I’m standing in the prettiest part of the yard just outside the new window.  Not smart from a photographic point of view.  If you want to get a shot of something, don’t stand in the middle of it.  Oh well, it’s so peaceful out there and a fun version of a vacation.

This is a little rose garden is just outside my bedroom slider.  The fenced yard keeps these miracle, for Central Oregon, flowers off the deer’s dinner menu. I think a deer can smell a rose from about 10 miles away.

There’s an unfinished poppy painting waiting for me in my art room, so I’ll sign off hoping to push all the right buttons and get this posted.  Be well and take good care.

Spring 2020

With more time on my hands and with the sheltering in challenges, sometimes  my emotions take on an entirely new dimension. Occasionally I experience a sense that I’m lost in a world completely unfamiliar to me then a “strangeness” washes over me.  Usually it’s easy to regain my footing , but not always.  When I’m having a “corona moment”  its time to dive hard and heavy into gratitude, to find just one thing I’m grateful for.  That seems to pop me back into the bright side of reality.  Yesterday’s post depicted 17 years worth of gratitude in my life.  It’s Ellie. I’ve been blessed to have her near since the moment she took her first breath.  She was surrounded by her loving family in her first moments, and that has not, and will not change.

Ellie is 17 today.

More gratitude.  An organized and cleaned up art space is not a good sign.  To all my artist friends and to me it means no art is on the easel.  So yes, I am grateful, kind of, for this forced time to get busy and mess up my art room.

Good Sign, Art is in Production









This image has emerged from a reference photo taken some 30 years ago.  It’s been waiting to be painted but simmered on a back burner for two reasons.  One, I didn’t want to tackle the detailed challenge it presented.  It was a rather difficult piece for me.  Secondly, my readers aren’t required to go along with this idea, but I believe that art has a deep intelligence and quantum relationship with the artist.  A piece will emerge when its time is ripe.  The title I’ve assigned it asks a relevant question, “Locked In or Locked Out?  I think it has an answer, and that’s “Yes.”

Corona Virus question and answer .
Cabin in Cascades
Locked in or Locked Out?


Over the years I’ve accumulated pounds and pounds of family photos.  This week I tackled a small box, that I could barely lift, and came up with a blast from the past…reaching way back to high Jr Hi, and High School days.

This is either Leslie Jr. High or the South Salem Jr. varsity rally squad.
From left to right, Jeannette, Bev, Sara, Carol, front, Larry K, and Larry H.

A few years later:

Judy, Donna, Barb, Sara and Su

Recently I have, once again, kept pretty busy healing from another bout with cancer and now normal pressure encephalitis.  Since my beautiful white Chow lives on the other side of the Moon, I needed fur.  One of my fondest memories of childhood up through college was life with my best friend Corky.  He and my dad were great pals too.


Corky helping my dad mow the lawn.

This  animal is most highly recommended for folks allergic to cats and/or those who don’t have the energy to feed them and deal with a litter box .  Her name is “Me Owe,” because she doesn’t know any other words.  She shakes her head, licks her paw, rolls onto her back, purrs and closes her eyes and goes to sleep…when she gets bored.  I have videos which are very darling, but they won’t play on my blog site…yet.

Take care and find something to be grateful for every day, no wait.  How about each hour in these strange times?

New Mascot, Me Owe.

Watch for more paintings and conversation from the East side of the mountains.










Spring Collection of my Original Greeting Cards.

It’s good to be back in the studio vs. hovering over my computer trying to get my brain to understand where my blog posts are going, etc. My latest work is all about spring and the flowers that are done with their winter’s work and pushing up through the warming earth. Ha, Ha. It’s April 4th and it’s snowing…just a bit. The sweet peas will love the cold as will other early blooming ones.

The images below can all be found on my online store at Then click on “Store” on the menu bar. Thank you for visiting my site.

Seek beauty hug.

A Note From Su’s Art

Original Greeting Cards – Store Address

Stones from Road’s End

When I was four years old, my parents purchased property on Devils Lake in Neotsu Oregon, located on the Oregon coast. An unnamed “head” separated our place from an area on the Pacific called Road’s End.

When I was in my 50’s I moved to “the lake.” Weather permitting, summer, fall and late spring, each sunset I walked beside the foamy ocean shore at Road’s End. This area of the beach was terminated by high cliffs. Some evenings I would comb the base of the steep walls and often fond perfectly shaped stone spheres. They varied in size and color. How they were formed and why they show up just in this location was a mystery. In time I was told that Natives of the First Nations who inhabited this area called them Prayer Balls. Legend has it that the natives would speak prayers into the stones, throw it in the “D” River, and prayers would flow to the sea and be answered. I wanted to gather many stones and bring them home, but I decided they needed to stay with the cliffs, with the exception of those in the photo above.

Supposedly “D” River is the shortest river in the US. It is where Devils Lake flows into the Pacific. Last time I saw it, it was pretty clogged. The river’s length is the width of the two lane bridge under which the it runs.

A Storm at Road’s End.
The Cliffs shown in this painting extend around and behind this scene.

This painting is available in my card store.

A Note From Su’s Art

Su Skjersaa’s Original Art Greeting Cards. su

Just a Note to say, “Hello.”

As we enter the month of March I feel so much change blowing through my life, likely along with everyone else who is living on our amazing, mysterious planet today. Art heals. It has the strength leading to deeper expressions of our inner visions, hopes, and desires. It softens the edges of discomfort and awakens beauty through music, drama, poetry and the emotional power of all the visual arts. So often I’ve heard wise people say that, “Art can save the planet,” but then I hang out with wise and honest folks who would say such things.

Speaking of “change,” my Greeting Card Store ( is being updated as we move into spring. The current sale prices on the cards remaining will be slowly modified, also new paintings will be posted. I invite you to visit the Store located on my web site, mentioned above, and take advantage of the remaining sale values.

The painting below is a tweener, a little winter, a bit of spring, a little valentine, and a reminder that the sun always rises and shines light on our potential to be kind, compassionate, gentle, to ourselves and others.

The Tweener

Valentine Card

To purchase go to my Store. Type in: 100% of purchase price will go to “The Giving Plate,” in Central Oregon. Thank you.

Price $6.00

Front Cover and Back. A Spray of Hearts

Valentine’s for The Giving Plate #5

Price: $10.00. All proceeds goto The Giving Plate. Central Oregon. This is a one-of-a-kind, original Valentine Card. You can make your purchase on my store. Go to, – then click on STORE

Referring to the three programs mentioned previously “The Giving Plate,” I quote :

“Between our three hunger-relief programs, children 18 and under make up 66% of individuals served.” The Giving Plate serves anybody in need residing in the Central Oregon counties of Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook. In October 2020 a first pilot- program For Kid’s Korner in Christmas Valley was started.

Everyday we are fed, through various avenues, stories of hard and devastating situations all over the world. It’s easy to develop a sense of hopelessness in our hearts and minds. If we would understand that, “Yes,” this is true. But, there is more, more evidence that speaks to the fact that along side and blending with the hardships, open-hearted people are performing generous acts (Action) of love, caring, and compassionate initiatives. If we are waiting for the big thing that will return life to the way it was, that is likely not going to happen.

It’s the little things that can turn life around. This includes being careful with our outer language, gossip and prophecies; correcting our inner ways of thinking and believing; and taking a step to look for the elements of unspoken Love powerfully presiding with great strength in millions of people. Here we elicit a positive effect and can create a visible and viable balance in our lives.

Thanks and Love Lots. It’s the Month of Love.

“Love is a Force in you that enables you to do different things.”

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Gifts from the Sea

Fall Has Brought Us Beautiful, Colorful, Wet, Soggy Leaves Floating Under Foot.

It’s been so long since I’ve posted on my blog site. For almost 2 years I’ve been learning how to add a Store to my WordPress online site. My Original Greeting Card products can be found in the Store. which is on the menu bar once you’ve entered the site. Here’s my address if you’d like to take a peek to see what I’ve been up to. Thanks for dropping by. (The address has to be typed in.)