Watercolor Journaling – Day 7


Something inside me
constantly bleeds toward god. 

That's why I keep writing,
slipping messages under the door.

Marrow of Flame: Poems of the Spiritual Journey
Dorothy Walters

Dorothy Walters, the author of the opening poem, is a retired, professor of English Literature.

She taught mostly throughout the mid west, but I had the pleasure of getting to know her while I was attending University of Creation Spiritually in Oakland CA. I have to tell you, Dorothy is an authentic delight, brilliant, deep, and one who carries her joy on both her insides and out. She is round. And she laughs about her roundness equating her expansion to the expansion of the Universe. Early this morning while reading her poetry and thinking of her beautiful mind, it came to me that she is a human mirror of one unit of a Mandelbrot Set. I imagined the infinitely regenerating fractals as maps from her mind and heart. She has a power of thought that reveals a whole world of sacred treasures that are formed in her poetry. (If you’re not familiar with a Mandelbrot Set and fractals it is worth looking them up and watching the “dance.” This dance is in and all around us. (Try YouTube.) I’m sure you will be reading more of Dorothy’s poetry on my future blog posts. Be extra safe, and thank you for checking todays post.

Mandelbrot Set. Watch these in motion. Dorothy’s body and head I imagined. The light around the set reveals the light that surrounds her in real life.

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