Watercolor Journaling, Day Two

Where Does the Eye Go?

This is an important question as a painter works with any subject. What is it that first draws your attention when looking at a piece of art? Where does your eye want to return to? What is the focal point? Attention can work for or against the design. For instance, what first captures your attention in this experimental piece? I can guess. In this case it’s a misspelled word.

As a former student of calligraphy (beautiful lettering) I learned that paying attention is foremost in lettering. Every line in each letter is a drawing. The artist has to concentrate on shapes, not the word. It’s easy for the mind to drift off to never-never land and frustratingly skip a whole word or letter. So here goes, true confessions: 1. I have a pretty good case of dyslexia. 2. I know how to focus, mostly. 3. Sequencing has always been a problem for me. 4. I DON’T SPELL WELL as you have noticed in the artistic rendering of the word Atumn, I mean AUTUMN. I’m not embarrassed. I once heard another artist claim that if a person wasn’t creative enough to figure out more that one way to spell a word, he or she was lacking in imagination.

Todays page is a typical journal entry. I was experimenting with colors, looking for a brighter red. The chart on the left shows various combinations of three colors, a red, a violet, and a yellow.

Until tomorrow, be safe and stay well.

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