Day One of my Watercolor Pledge- a page a day

Watercolor Journaling

My first image reflects years of journal-making and painting. Handmade journals, for me, add one more level of creativity to the birth of a new piece of art. It’s amazing to hold in my hands a self-crafted page and begin a creation that might come to its final hours looking like a chemistry class explosion or on the other hand a piece guided by celestial beings, upon whom I rely frequently. And then there are always those pages that fall between chemistry and the angelic. They remain out of sight and later could be resurrected and transformed.

Throughout the pandemic restrictions, I invite you to take a peek inside my journals. It will feel like a knock on my door and a welcomed visit from another human. Being in touch with my existing community, and new friends, fills the space between us. I look forward to this daily project and wish you all safe keeping and well-being.

Most of these journals are made of watercolor paper, some spiral bound, and other journals are repurposed hard back books. My favorite binding technique the Coptic Stitch, shown on the smaller books toward the bottom.

One thought on “Day One of my Watercolor Pledge- a page a day

  1. Su…I knew you were a good ice skater, I knew you as a good and fun friend, I knew you were beautiful…so much talent. I guess I missed that part. Loved reading all of this. it made me wish we were neighbors and could enjoy a cup of coffee together frequently.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    Gerry Thompson

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