Spring 2020

With more time on my hands and with the sheltering in challenges, sometimes  my emotions take on an entirely new dimension. Occasionally I experience a sense that I’m lost in a world completely unfamiliar to me then a “strangeness” washes over me.  Usually it’s easy to regain my footing , but not always.  When I’m having a “corona moment”  its time to dive hard and heavy into gratitude, to find just one thing I’m grateful for.  That seems to pop me back into the bright side of reality.  Yesterday’s post depicted 17 years worth of gratitude in my life.  It’s Ellie. I’ve been blessed to have her near since the moment she took her first breath.  She was surrounded by her loving family in her first moments, and that has not, and will not change.

Ellie is 17 today.

More gratitude.  An organized and cleaned up art space is not a good sign.  To all my artist friends and to me it means no art is on the easel.  So yes, I am grateful, kind of, for this forced time to get busy and mess up my art room.

Good Sign, Art is in Production









This image has emerged from a reference photo taken some 30 years ago.  It’s been waiting to be painted but simmered on a back burner for two reasons.  One, I didn’t want to tackle the detailed challenge it presented.  It was a rather difficult piece for me.  Secondly, my readers aren’t required to go along with this idea, but I believe that art has a deep intelligence and quantum relationship with the artist.  A piece will emerge when its time is ripe.  The title I’ve assigned it asks a relevant question, “Locked In or Locked Out?  I think it has an answer, and that’s “Yes.”

Corona Virus question and answer .
Cabin in Cascades
Locked in or Locked Out?


Over the years I’ve accumulated pounds and pounds of family photos.  This week I tackled a small box, that I could barely lift, and came up with a blast from the past…reaching way back to high Jr Hi, and High School days.

This is either Leslie Jr. High or the South Salem Jr. varsity rally squad.
From left to right, Jeannette, Bev, Sara, Carol, front, Larry K, and Larry H.

A few years later:

Judy, Donna, Barb, Sara and Su

Recently I have, once again, kept pretty busy healing from another bout with cancer and now normal pressure encephalitis.  Since my beautiful white Chow lives on the other side of the Moon, I needed fur.  One of my fondest memories of childhood up through college was life with my best friend Corky.  He and my dad were great pals too.


Corky helping my dad mow the lawn.

This  animal is most highly recommended for folks allergic to cats and/or those who don’t have the energy to feed them and deal with a litter box .  Her name is “Me Owe,” because she doesn’t know any other words.  She shakes her head, licks her paw, rolls onto her back, purrs and closes her eyes and goes to sleep…when she gets bored.  I have videos which are very darling, but they won’t play on my blog site…yet.

Take care and find something to be grateful for every day, no wait.  How about each hour in these strange times?

New Mascot, Me Owe.

Watch for more paintings and conversation from the East side of the mountains.










12 thoughts on “Spring 2020

  1. Beautifully said and illustrated. . . gives me momentum in my moments of anxiety. So much gratefulness and it has an energy of its own. Take care. . .

  2. Here I am. Here we are. Thank you for your ever thoughtful and artistic take on all of what life has to offer. Deep bow to you and many virtual hugs.

    All blessings, Candace

    1. Dear Friend, I really don’t know how to express the blessing you are in my life. Your lovely cards have been like oxygen for me. Big hugs.

  3. You are so very talented in so many ways. Love the pictures you found. We were growing up during such a wonderful time. How fortunate we were.
    I did not realize you had another bout of cancer. Sorry to hear that. I hope you are doing well now.

    Stay safe;stay healthy. Thank you for sharing your writing and your art.


    1. Thanks Gerry. I love hearing from you, other high school and Salem friends. As I get older, older friends become more important. It’s a bit of a drive over the mountains. I keep thinking I’ll be able to make that trek someday. ???????

    1. I’ve been meaning to contact you. Are you home from Hawaii, and did you get out of that beautiful environment without isolation restrictions. If things go well tomorrow, maybe I can venture up your way and have another driveway chat.

      1. Hawaii, I wish. No flying or travel for many years. Driveway chats are wonderful, and seeing people live is like an infusion of amazement.

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