Another Birthday for Terry

Happy Birthday November 12th.  Ride Hard and Fast Cowboy.

Terry Behind Ski Shop, age 2.                                                       

I remember the day Terry, age 2, rode his white horse around the balcony of the ski shop and didn’t stop at the top of the long staircase leading to the ground below.  I heard the crash, crash, crash, and then silence.  Panic! I got to him at emergency speed.  Half way down the stairs, still straddling his trusty horsey,  he was looking up at me as if to say, “What the heck, Mom.  When did you put these steps in?”  He was still alive, and nothing cut or broken.  Although, the shocked look on his face remains etched in my mind.  He didn’t try this trick again – as far as I know.  Now he catches air whenever possible, on his bike, skis, snowmobile, oh yeh, and there was the time I bought a riding lawnmower.  The first day we had it, while I went out to pick up as few groceries, he and his brother built a “Mower-Jump” on our asphalt driveway.  Really?Needless to say, the mower never cut a single blade of grass.  Sometimes it’s hard to get upset at such creativity.


Terry and Jade
50 Years Later

Fifty years later he is a proud dad.  This is Jade’s graduation from Pacific Crest Middle School.  Both Jade and Ellie attend Summit High and run cross country.  Summit has the number one X Country team in the Nation.  Ellie, as a senior, will be on the varsity team next year, and the competition will increase.  With their heavy study loads, sports, social activities and some recreation, they are very busy girls.

Wishing you a wonderful year Terry. You are a fine individual, a wonderful son, and a great dad. I love you. Mom


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