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Invitation to Show At UU’s

You are welcome to stop by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, the beautiful newer building located at the bottom of Skyliner’s Rd. off Skyline Ranch Rd.  The artist’s reception was on June 2nd, but the show will be available for viewing until August 4th.  This is a juried show, and there are some very amazing pieces submitted by local artists.  It is All About Birds, their habitats, nests, feathers portrayed in fabric, wood, sculptures, and paintings.  Look for mine entitled, “Waiting.”

Beginning June 28th I will have two new paintings hanging at the Redmond Hospital in the halls just off the main entrance.  In the works are large poppies, like the ones out my back door and all throughout my yard.  Here’s a peek at the reference photos I took.  By the way, the deer don’t eat poppies.  Isn’t nature the best?

As a side note, painting has been so helpful in my most recent cancer recovery.  I’m doing better each day.  Thanks for the support.  It means so much.

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  1. Thanks for the update Su. How are you feeling? Thea said that you had some unanticipated challenges after the surgery. So good to know that you are continuing the healing journey and able to produce great beauty with your art at the same time. I have heard, and believe, that art can be a healing balm.

    Tom went back to the urologist late last week for a “bladder lookabout”. The doc said that the bladder appears to have responded well to the immuno-therapy and is clear at this time. We just got back from an appointment with Dr. Chang, the radiation oncologist and Tom goes tomorrow early morning for the mapping and consult with the radiation therapists. They will get him started as soon as possible, in part per our request, so we can keep our September 15 reservation for a week at the coast. We sincerely hope to have all this cancer treatment in the rear view mirror by that time.

    Praying for smooth sailing. No detours. No fires near us. And the ocean awaiting us.

    My vision is about the same but hole in the retina appears to remain closed. I am working with a new person – a jaw specialist/physical therapist. My second session is tomorrow. I do believe that my headaches are losing their grip on me. I am so very hopeful that this is the answer and that my wellness continues forward.

    Take good care, dear Su. Big hugs and so much love. Candace

    1. Even though heart disease is almost as prevalent as cancer, just the words, the language of cancer, the war-like images can be terrifying. I think it’s the fear that really drives this disease deep into our cells. It’s good to hear you and Tom have successfully cleared one hurdle, and now it’s on to the next. I know deep in my heart that this too will end up with complete healing… and a coast trip to reward all the hard work involved in the healing process. “YOU CAN DO THIS HARD THING. IT’S NOT EASY I KNOW, BUT I BELIEVE THAT IT’S SO, YOU CAN DO THIS HARD THING.” – from a song by Carrie Newcomber. (I sing it to myself a lot lately.) About a month ago just as I was walking out the door on my way to get some scary test results, that song came on my Alexa. “Yep,” I said. “Whatever it is, I can do it.” Then I wanted to crawl under the house and hide from the fear. My truth is that it was the language and thoughtless stories well-meaning friends and health providers unwittingly shared with me. I think I might have told you that after some very difficult visits to my doctors, I composed a short note to hand to forthcoming doctors before they had a chance to utter a peep. It described the words I would like to hear and words that were off limits It has worked well. My oncologist is a comedian and I got royally teased during my first visit with him. I’m learning that I need to do the same with friends. Fortunately that would involve a lot of notes and courage to slip a piece of paper in everyone’s hands before each greeting and hug. What a wild ride this is.
      Love you Candace. Good to hear that you’re still working on your headache recovery and that your eye is healed. I have a prayer tree in my back yard that will soon have little pieces of art with your name and Tom’s on them, one each. Keep me posted. You are the best.

  2. Hi Su! It’s been a short but since we last spoke. I love hearing the words “cancer recovery!” Is that so? You are amazing! Such an inspiration. Thank you. 😘

    Much love always,


    PS-Much more to tell soon

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