Remembering Isabella

Isabella was 8 weeks old when Don and I picked her up in Clackamus to bring her to Bend and her new home at Skyliner’s.  She soon came to love the snow, her walks in the snow, and long naps buried under the snow.  I’ll share a favorite memory. One cold and sunny trip up the road to Tumalo Falls the snow was deep and the berm high and pure fluff.  She was trotting right along next to my skis when suddenly, bloop, there she went, all 16 weeks of her agile little body into the berm.  She disappeared.  I followed her, but she was gone.  I was digging and throwing snow, panicked and desperate.  I called to another skier passing by with his dog that my pup was lost under the snow.  He said, “No problem, my dog can find anything.”  Just then as quickly as she had disappeared she reappeared with a flurry and bounced, unaffected, on up the trail.   She was smart, beautiful, sensitive, a constant companion, and much more.  In 2016 we had to leave Skyliner’s and moved to Bend.  I think she missed her life of freedom and familiarity.  She did grow old, as did I, and her health failed. On November 18, 2018 her best friends and I laid her in our back yard where she is now blanked with the snow she loved so much.  I love you sweet girl.  You are deeply missed.

11 thoughts on “Remembering Isabella

  1. I am so sorry for this deep loss, Su. Isabella was a companion in the truest sense of the word. Peace to your heart as you navigate your grief.

  2. So precious, that lightbeing-dog. The comfort and humor, joy and occasional irritation she brought you will be long remembered.

  3. There is nothing more heart wrenching than loosing a beloved pet. They leave good memories though.



  4. Hi Su,
    I’ve had this newsletter saved and am finally replying. Your tribute to Isabella is beautiful. I’m filled with a melancholy sorrow for you, for myself, and for the losses that we all accrue in our lives.

    gail snyder

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