Art in My Yellow Garden

Hello Yellow

The yard seems that it’s in its Yellow Phase.  Here, only the end of July, and Fall colors  are in full array.  The yellows are pure, full and vibrant, especially in the slanted light of morning.




Watercolor Journal Entry

Dazed Gardener

It is the heart that recognizes we are all unique expressions of the Love that is the essence of Life, and it is the heart that will wake us up to the truth that we are all in this together, floating on a tiny, blue-green jewel of a planet that is dancing through vast oceans of space. Mary O’Malley, “What’s in the Way is the Way.” (72)




5 thoughts on “Art in My Yellow Garden

  1. Su, your life and art have helped me see so much of God in my days. I haven’t contacted you so since we moved to Grants Pass from Bend, but whenever I see an email with your thoughts and art, they always mean so much to me. God’s Spirit and love is everywhere…when I’m gently reminded of that…I only need to listen with an open heart. How difficult it must have been for you making a huge transition in your life, and then making it through the winter of 2016 with help and love to from family to restoration. That’s the winter we’d moved…Nov, 2016. I love you and am so grateful for you in my life…I just couldn’t let another day without letting you know. Peace and healing, my friend, Susan

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    1. Hi Susan,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. They have truly made my day, as your love and caring help as I move toward living with an open heart. I hope you are not too shrouded in smoke and that the fires down your way are lessening. Thank you again for sharing your love. Please keep in touch.

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