Art in the Garden Lilacs

May 17th, and then there were lilacs:  two very tall trees of lavender colored blooms, mostly high out of reach.  Not a problem, a long handled rake brought enough down to eye level to cut bouquets for several weeks.

This “painting my garden” idea was becoming a bit much, so I decided to execute a fast, very loose rendition of a bunch of lilacs in a vase.  Not a good idea.  In my previous life, before taking a 5 year hiatus to return to school, I could have made this idea work.  I hesitate to include this image in my garden series, but I’ll allow it to speak to human frailty – like the flaw Navaho’s leave in the weavings of their rugs. Painting my garden is my re-entry project into self-expression and the search for beauty through art.  Step-by-step as the garden grows…may I so grow.

A Bouquet of Lilacs
Watercolor Lilacs

4 thoughts on “Art in the Garden Lilacs

  1. I enjoy your writing and art. I am impressed with those who have such talent…talent that missed me totally.

    Gerry Thompson

    1. Thanks Gerry. I don’t agree with you. You are brilliant, and the writing you’ve put out on the internet is fantastical. (Borrowed from Anne of Green Gables.) Are you coming to Bend to attend Joyce and Bill’s anniversary? I’d love to see you.

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