Fall Equinox

There are special days in each year that carve memories, not all real great but most are great and worth celebrating.  My favorites are Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Solstices, Equinoxes, and on and on.  But, every year the real winner in my book is that awaited day that usually comes sometime in the Fall, after the rains have come, the temperature drops, we’re socked in for a couple of days – and then the clouds lift.  Bam! There on the horizon the most stunning gift of nature looms.  Brilliant, white with snow, and beautiful beyond thought are the four mountains that seem to keep watch over the foothills and towns below.


Morning Magic


5 thoughts on “Fall Equinox

  1. I was too busy yesterday to even know that it was the equinox , but I really felt it as I walked along the river deep in the woods, and just generally loved the feel and smell, and sight of a beautiful day. Thanks for the reminder to check my awareness and my calendar! <3

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