Enough’s Enough

There’s been a change from my last  post.  My Ooo-ing and Awe-ing over the beautiful snow and bla bla bla are over.  It is lovely but it’s turned into a dangerous affair.  Two nights ago after watching news bits featuring the collapse of the gym at the historic Kenwood grade school, seeing the old Ray’s Market fall in on itself, the FedEx building die a slow death, and Hooker Creek’s huge vehicle garage all go down under the weight of this unprecedented snow and ice storm, I became highly motivated to save this house.

Fortunately my son found two very strong, able-bodied professional contractors who knew their stuff.  They were very careful with the roofing, chipped away all the thick ice dams, repaired damaged gutters, and kept most of the snow from the roof back off the house’s siding at ground level, but now – guess what?  It’s pouring down SNOW AGAIN and another 8 to 12 inches are accumulating as we speak.  Just emailed the guys to invite them back for another round.  If we keep ahead of the storms their work will go faster and easier.  I am enormously grateful to them for their kindness, great attitudes, and all the very hard work they did.

Stay tuned, there will be more to follow.  Stay warm, be safe, and eat lots of chocolate chip cookies.

Josh on roof
Shades of Glacier Bay on Friday. Looked like the roof was calving.
Chunks of ice covered with the morning’s snow. They are as big as baby whales and took two men to lift them.
Isabella loving the snow.
Isabella loving the snow.
Isabella perched on bank, now about 4 feet above the driveway.
Isabella perched on bank, now about 4 feet above the driveway.

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