Holiday Greeting Art

Yesterday I submitted fourteen images to Looking Glass Gallery, located in the Bend River Mall annex. Seven are Solstice greetings and the other seven are holiday themes.  Watch for future post and more images.

My Solstice art is not easily photographed, as it is painted on Yupo (a plastic paper) with acrylic inks.  The inks leave a high gloss finish which reflects everything making it almost impossible to photograph.  The image I’m posting will give you an idea of my expression  of the Return of the Sun or the Solstice celebration. Inside each card is a brief explanation of the meaning of Solstice.


5 thoughts on “Holiday Greeting Art

    1. Thank you Pat. I am busy, but not so much with my art. The house will be shown tomorrow for the 28th time, so I’m busy cleaning and re-cleaning. Hope your holidays are relaxing and happy.

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