HAPPY BIRTHDAY Terance Olaf Skjersaa II, November 12th

Wow! Forty-nine years ago this amazing being, finally, hit planet Earth – wide eyed, curious, and late. (Those of us who love him run on a different time schedule  – Terry time.) He was to be a Halloween baby, but instead he kind of waited for his dad’s birthday.  Happy Birthday to “big” Terry, too.  Nevertheless, he, young Terry, genuinely enjoys the festivities of Halloween.  Last year he was the flagger we all got to know during the long and short waits of our 2+ year road project.  This year our neighborhood has been crawling with Bend Broadband technicians. Yep, that’s him, although he claims to know little about computers, etc.  Hope BBB doesn’t catch on to him.

Flagger, 2015
Our beloved flagger on the pipeline project-and his favorite witch.
Terry and Rene
Bend Broadband out trick-or-treating. 2016
Terry, Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

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