Constant Companion

Who knows what lurks in the mind of a Peacock.  Faithful, true, interested, devoted, all that seems to be part of “peacock nature.”  How do I know?  I have been adopted by a lone bird that follows me from room to room looking in my window, even at night.  This guy, for the second time, at dusk has flown up into a tree outside my bedroom window and stares at me.  So last night I had a conversation with him.  “look,” I said.  “You can hang out with me, but you have to quit pooping on my decks and front walk.”  “Right,” he replied sarcastically.  IMG_4472 IMG_4477

Peacock Peering
Peacock Peering

6 thoughts on “Constant Companion

  1. Most interesting! I didn’t know peacocks were in these climes. I think you have been adopted for some spiritual mission yet to be revealed.

    1. For sure, Ken. You’re right on. This guy is too “high” to survive. The power animal aspects that I like best about Peacock are dignity, rising out of the ashes, self-confidence, beauty, wholeness, etc. I do feel I must rise up or fall flat.

  2. A group, flock (?) of peacocks live down the hill from us on a farm. The girls are, shall we say, amorous this time of year. They make loud sexy peacock noises which sound a lot like a squalling cat demanding to be let out. . . over and over and over again. I wish they were quieter about the whole courting thing. Feathers are nice, but their comments I can do with out.

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