Spring Arising

Nature is brilliant, a sure guide if we pay attention. Here, 1000 ft. above Bend where the blossoms are now abundant, our trees are just beginning to show their buds, and the daisies are only evident by the tips of green just reaching for a bit of light. No wonder, it’s spitting snow this morning, very cold and Mother Nature is advising “wait.” That’s often a good idea, in general. Nevertheless we can count on the daffodils to

She's not a daffodil, but she's waiting.
She’s not a daffodil, but she’s waiting.
By the side door, more daffodils.
It’s spring, 2016

let the secret out: spring is on its way.

With every new yellow patch of sweetness, I remember Don, last fall, planting bags of bulbs. I send him my gratitude and love.

The first this spring.
The first this spring.

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  1. So happy for you having a wonderful gift of art/painter. It will help during loneliness.

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