Art Is Everywhere

Nature’s wild chaos and ordered diversity live in my heart.  Once I wrote a prayer that began, “May all Beings fall so deeply in love with the Earth that we will do everything in our power to protect all living things, knowing all things are living.”  

Matthew Fox, author of Original Blessings, in his 2012 book Creativity: Where the Divine and the Human Meet, wrote, “We need to be constantly prodded and provoked by the beauty and aesthetics of the world around us.”  Fox went on to say the “Nature is do committed to creativity the it abhors uniformity.”

Diversity in Shapes
Diversity in Shapes

“Nature is biased in favor of diversity.” (Fox) As Thomas Berry, farmer, poet, theologian, explains, “Nature not only produces species diversity but also individual diversity.  Nature produces individually.  No two days are the same, no two snowflakes, no two flowers, trees or any other of the infinite number of life-forms.”

Nature has fun and speaks to us in many ways.

The Big White Goofy Thanksgiving Pumpkin
The Big White Goofy Thanksgiving Pumpkin
Boulder Wisdom, "Don't get your skis out yet."
Boulder Wisdom, “Don’t get your skis out yet.”




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  1. Thank you, Su, for sharing those inspiring thoughts and pictures about diversity (goofy and otherwise). Love, Bill

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