Drive to Sisters

On the 18th of September I drove from Bend to Sisters.  I was awed by the mountains.  I see them almost everyday, but there was something magic about them on that day.  There had been an early snowfall that dusted the land above about 4500 feet.  I don’t know what it was, maybe  the combination of the light, the snow, a few puffy clouds that made it seem like something magic was in the air.

Yesterday I spent most all day in my studio.  In the afternoon I was inspired to play with the North and Middle Sister.  There are a hundred things I would change in this painting, but not till next time



6 thoughts on “Drive to Sisters

  1. Oooooo Su, you nailed it. As my Florida friend puts it: “Dang, you’re good!” Thought I was standing at Patterson Ranch peering up at the North and Middle Sisters in person. Bill

  2. Wow, love that mountain picture. So wish I had that gift of painting. Wow, am so happy for you.

  3. Wow. It’s so beautiful and U took the time to Soak it all in. I think u can Say that u r living in the Moment! Rb

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    1. I was at a workshop situated behind one of the new houses in the meadow. It blocked a perfect view of the North Sister. Couldn’t stand not being able to see it, and, yes, I spent quite a bit of break time where I could see those beautiful creations. Thanks

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