Terry and Renee’s Wedding ON/IN Elk Lake

On August 20th my son Terry and his, now, wife Renee, threw a magical, floating,  wedding.  Terry’s daughter’s, Ellie/blond hair, and Jade, dark hair were on board beaming as their dad and Renee exchanged vows.

The venue was a “house boat” that was cut in half and a “dock,” kind of, floated between the two main structures.   I have to say the word “floated” was key, and part of the fun during the wedding.  The houseboat was anchored off shore and the guest transported by motor boat from the lodges’s dock to the venue.  When guest, mostly family, arrived and began to load onto the “event site,” we tilted a little, or a lot, and the owner sprang into action yelling, “get off, get off, back in the motor…”  We were tipping and taking on water.  Those of us who were already on board kind of scooted to the middle and got things balanced.   The remainder of the wedding guest observed the ceremony from the comfort of the shuttle boats.

The bride was lovely, the groom handsome, the ceremony delicious, and was a bit wet and soupy.  The “preacher” cried, Terry got a little leaky, as did many guests.  It was a very, very happy occasion.  The weather could not have been better.   No wind, eighty degrees, only a few paddle boards here and there on the water, and the South Sister made a beautiful back-drop for a grand affair.IMG_3048IMG_3067IMG_3047IMG_3064IMG_3052IMG_3061IMG_3059IMG_3033

6 thoughts on “Terry and Renee’s Wedding ON/IN Elk Lake

  1. Wonderful! Thank you Su for including us in the floating grand affair. Love seeing your lovely granddaughters looking so happy and healthy, and Terry and Renee as well. So glad the houseboat stayed upright (sort of).

  2. Thanks, Su. What a great documentary. Loved the pictures. It was nice to see you again as well as Don. We had a fun time.

  3. Su, I forgot to tell you…I think I actually saw this floating, fun-looking craft out on Elk Lake recently! We had company from Florida with us, and we were attending a blue grass concert on the lake with our golden/lab, Lucy. Of course, Lucy spent as much time as she could swimming in that beautiful lake. Too cool for me, even though it was a nice day. I’m just wondering if it was the same vessel? Just curious…. Susan

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