Understanding Transient Hypofrontality

So beautiful with the sun coming through the clouds.
So beautiful with the sun coming through the clouds.

IMG_0417Creativity can be unlocked in many ways.  For an example by: doing some meditation, or soaking in a hot bath, taking a short/or long nap, sipping a cup of hot tea, hiking, skiing, anything that will offer your mind a chance to “meander” and allow juicy, creative ideas a chance to surface .

The photo to the left is literally my back yard, and I spend as much time out there as I can…giving my frontal lobes a rest and my “creative ideas”  an environment where they can surface.  Today I took my skis, beautiful chow dog, and we headed out the door.   After our walk, it was back to the studio to see what I would connect between brush and brain.

Rex Jung says that, “With creativity, in particular, in regions of the brain, especially the frontal lobes, less is better [in reference to the creative process.]  There is a down regulation of the frontal lobes that appears to foster creative cognition in the way we were measuring it.”

Stillness comes in the small est of gestures.
Stillness comes in the small est of gestures.

An amazing neural “gizzmosis” (I invented this word) that goes on in our brains – during transient hypofrontaliy …the brain is not shutting down as much, but is allowing a freer interplay of different networks...so that ideas literally can link together more readily.  So with intelligence, the analogy [he’s] used is  that there’s a superhighway in the brain, running from front to back, that allows us to get from Point A to Point B quickly.

These cliff hold stories of magic for e
Photo: A Valley less than a mile from my house.     creativity

“WITH CREATIVITY, ITS A SLOWER, MORE MEANDERING PROCESS where you want to take the side roads and even the dirt roads to get there, to put the ideas together.  So the down regulation of the frontal lobes, in particular, is important to allow these ideas to link together in unexpected ways .”  RJ

This information, I find, very useful, but enough for today…almost.

IT ALSO INVALIDATES THE RIGHT BRAIN-LEFT BRAIN THEORY…that Jung sees as pop psychology or myth that caught on after neurosurgeons began severing the corpus collosum to control seizures . 


As the river flows, so does the mind.  Creativity arises.    I invite you to write a poem or compose an image of this natural beauty?  If you do, would you send it to my site?  I’d be happy to post appropriate works with artist’s recognition.



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