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Surely Earth’s full spectrum of mystery, diversity, chaos and order is “Art” persistently expressing itself. All life reflects Creative Process. My need to communicate through image originates from an innate childlike, curiosity, and connection to the Earth and her relationship with light and sound.

Currently the work I do ventures into both the known and the unknown. Watercolor allows me to move into a typically “soft” and “gentle” convayance of my thoughts and feelings. Recently I have discovered acrylic inks and Yupo paper. It’s exciting to pour inks and over varying surfaces and spend hours and sometimes weeks or months waiting to see what presents itself. I could describe this technique  more tactile/physical.  Stepping out of my own way and letting the paint, the brush, the paper lead the way.  That is what keeps me in my studio, the encounter, the unknown, the surprise, creative yearning.

“Preparing a blank canvas or sheet of white paper for artwork is akin to preparing one’s mind and heart for the arrival of the Beloved. It is a cleansing and purifying of the instrument of creative expression to become a fit vessel for the transmission of the spirit’s subtle prompting. This is the assumption and even the embodiment of what in Soto Zen parlance is called ‘beginners mind.’ This is a mind, heart, and body laid out like a white cassock, a bride’s dress, or a pristine canvas, upon which sacred whispering that wishes to be poured through might be appropriately consecrated and consciously midwifed into being. This is a mind awake and open, without presumption.”

Andre van Zijl, March, 2021 issue of “Presence: A Journal Of Spiritual Direction.”

Bend Oregon has been my home since 1961.  Now all my, growing, family, enjoys our beautiful town situated exactly on the edge of the desert and the base of the Cascade range. I am a retired registered nurse, hold a doctorate of ministry in Creation Spirituality, and a certified Spiritual Director/Companion.*  

“Art will heal the Earth” rang through the halls of my graduate program.  Frequently I ask myself “How?”  Now, just healing from my fourth cancer, spread over many years,  it is important to mention that with each diagnosis I committed to make healing my ART.

 I hold memberships in The Watercolor Society of Oregon, since 2010 with aqueous media paintings accepted in two WSO shows, 2010 and April 2013 – where my latest entry (which sold) won an Award of Achievement and was part of a six month, 20 painting traveling show throughout Oregon:  I’m an active member of Sagebrusher’s Art Society, a local organization, studio and gallery. I founded the “Creative Artist Study Group,” Bend, OR, January 2005.  That group met for about 10 years and is no longer active.

Thank you. If you would like to contact me, my email is: Or you can go to the top menu and click on “Contact.”

*The following reflects areas of experience useful in my spiritual direction: practice. I am a Christian, I have worked 20 years with a Native American learning tribal ways, ritual, and ceremony: I a member of the Sufi Order International: a Buddhist “guest.”

Most of all, I have discovered that the ground of my spiritual origins come from my heart.

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  1. Somehow my latest reply didn’t happen. Anyway I love this new blog. Love the photo of the read painting. So beautiful. You are so blessed in being a creative artist.

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